Friday, February 13, 2009

GPP Crusade 28: Portion Control

I jumped on the GPP Crusade wagon last month using circles for my shape. I decided to follow through on this month's crusade using the same shape. After all, I'd invested in some circle punches last fall and I thought this would be a good time to play with them. I also have a Fiskar circle cutter that I got out last month when working on some cards. It's not my favorite tool. I'm just not very proficient with it. But I saved some of my practice pieces and they ended up being used as masks. I had some scrapbook paper with circles that caught my eye, so I built a page based on it.So far this month I've been spending more of my creative time on a large painting, but I must be thinking about this crusade a lot. I even woke up with a circle idea in the middle of the night! Temporarily forgotten, a conversation later the next day jogged my memory, so I wrote down my idea. Now... to have some time to play with it.
I did this earlier in the month. I took a couple wine corks and carved lines into them. Then I stamped the circles with ink. The rest of the design was done with gel pens and a circle template. There's not much portion control here. I think I did that before Michelle announced the details of this crusade.

This is just a quickie I did at the beginning of the month. I just used highlighters and ink and the waste from a page of stickers. I used the sticker waste like a stencil and filled in the colors somewhat randomly, but with a plan. Then I moved the waste and traced the circles with a pen. Last night I did more and I'll be posting them soon.


michelle ward said...

Regina - wooot! These circle pieces are fab. LOVE the cork thing you did! Thanks for sharing your continued exploration of the circle, and portion control, with the team.

Anonymous said...

I really like the 'scratchy' blue lines over the circles in the top image. And carving wine corks is a great idea.

Steve Emery said...

I like these - especially the last one, with the traced black circles all in formation and the colored circles aligned differently (and not all filled in). I found that pleased me more than I can explain. And that fact I find intriguing (I usually know exactly why I like things visually).

Julie said...

These are great...I especially like the cork stamping. I just have to have a go at that! Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Hi Regina,
those pages look FAB! I too am fond of circles... the first page is beautifull of color, and that last page: ooo i hope you will explain in a further post how you made that, looks great! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

These are all wonderful, and I love this bit of eye candy. I'm defintitely looking forward to seeing the rest.

Judy said...

REally like the cork stamps. I'd almost forgotten about that idea since I started making my stamps with "official" carving material. I like the look.

You've done some neat stuff with the old circle!

Regina said...

Celebrating Circles - the 1st image - was started by glueing the orange dotted paper into my journal. I added a torn piece of green dotted tissue paper. A blend of thin gesso and blue paint were applied to the collage. I added orange circles that were punched out of cardstock. I stamped on them with cardboard I punched into a cirle. The black was done with a litho pencil. It's kind of waxy, but not. The paint dissolves it a bit. I just layered paint and the litho pencil until I was satisfied with the results.
This image is a bit off because the lighting was poor and the page is a bit wrinkled.

KathrynAntyr said...

I love circles. I almost worked with this shape. I love making stamps with wine corks. You have some great results here!

Kim Mailhot said...

Hi Regina !

I love your circle play - especially the piece with the polka dots and the great orange and turquoise color palette (one of my favorites !) !

Great job with the Crusage Fun !

Dianne said...

great combination of sizes, textures & colors of the your and colorful!

LaY hOoN said...

I love circles too :)
Thanks for your idea in putting the circles in such way.