Thursday, February 5, 2009

Remember - "He Knows My Name"

Misty Mawn prompted us to journal/make art inspired by a song. For some time I have wanted to do something in response to Tommy Walker's song "He Knows My Name". I first heard the song while my Dad was still alive, but Alzheimer's Disease had stolen our names from his memory. The song was and is a comfort to me and reminds me of the promises of God, our Father & Maker, who will ALWAYS know my name. He knows me. He knew my Dad.

So I sketched a woman who is feeling sad, but she is not desolate because she remembers these words when she hears these words.
I collaged some scrapbook & found papers onto a gessoed illustration board. Some of the paper bubbled & so I distressed the surface by sanding off the bubbles. There are arms reaching down and you can see part of one of the hands if you look closely. I sketched the woman with watersoluble graphite & painted her with a combination of acrylic & gesso. Stenciled motifs were also done with acrylic paint. Chalk pastel was used for accents. I stamped the word remember with chalk ink on paper I had distressed.
Here's Tommy Walker's song.


Susan Tuttle said...

what a special post and beautiful page Regina.

Thanks again for your kind words and support regarding my son -- they mean a lot!


blendedcolors said...

oh that is a good choice of song! i love that song!

hiddenart said...

This is beautiful, Regina. And deeply moving.

jgr said...

This is beautiful! What a good and comforting message too. Thanks for sharing.


Shayla said...

This is such a tender and personal, Regina. Thank you for sharing it.

Deirdra Doan said...

It is so fun to journal with things about our Father God!! I am doing the Iam in a few minutes...

I like your page!!!