Sunday, February 1, 2009

Art Journal Day 31 - Playful

A little tidying up produced a small stack of tags I'd saved because I found them interesting in one way or another. I saw this "Playful" tag and knew it would be my next journal page's theme.
I'm interested in exploring various versions of this scroll tree that I developed after being inspired by Pam Carriker's video using Pitt Pens earlier in the month.
The base is one that was prepped with left over paint from my palette. You may have noticed there's a lot of blue in my work this week. Instead of using white paint, I've been using gesso. It makes the page toothier for this mixed media work. First I stamped the flock of birds with pigment ink. I added some colored pencil to beef up the color.
I decided to try colored pencils for the tree. In this case I used Col-erase pencils and I really liked how they went down on this surface.
The tag was altered with distress inks and applied to the page. Lastly I used graphite to write a few verbs along the tree that describe where this month long journaling journey has taken me.

A couple nights ago I painted the cover of my journal. This is a standard 5.5 x 8.5 Strathmore sketch book. At the beginning of the month I prepped the cover with gesso and a layer of rice paper. More gesso was added. When we did our pink page, I added a bit to the cover. But I just didn't know what to put on it yet. Sometime in this past week or so I realized what a wonderful journey this has been for me. The consistent practice has led me to developing some themes. I've found new ways to express myself. I surprised myself a few times. I've made new friends for which I'm grateful.
So my journal is titled "Journey" and I chose a motif that I'm having fun with trying out in different media. I may add more words to the cover, but I'm not sure.Sometimes I forget what a treat traditional watercolor is. Sure, it can be very challenging and it takes patience. I enjoy the quietness of the process as compared to how I work in traditional acrylic.
So, before I close - how about a little give-away? To celebrate the end of January Art Journal month, I will give away a postcard sized original.
Here's what you need to do leave a comment stating what you think my "playful" tag came from. If you are correct, I'll put your name in the hat twice.
Comments for the give-away will be open until midnight CST on Wed. Feb. 4th. NOW CLOSED. I WILL BE IN TOUCH. The Playful label came off a Cacique bra. Now you know.


inge said...

hello Regina,

I think the "playful" came from the birth of a baby... Kids start very small like a small seed but they can grow and grow not only physical but also as a unique spirit...

thanks for passing by my blog about the crusade of Michelle Ward and your comments.

The technique with the magazine paper and the aceton gives a faded appearance to the paper : I like the effect. After you glued the papers with PVA, let them dry completely under something heavy and then wipe with a cottonball with aceton carefully over the papers. The papers fade and blend : depending on the kind of paper you get different results.

Don't use fingernail aceton, cause there is something in it that prevents your fingernails to dry out, but is not good enough for the paper. Just use plain aceton for it.

greetings from belgium

Fannie said...

Hi, Regina. I love your swirly trees. Very nice. You've been a consistent journaler--excellent! Bravo. Good for you. While reading all of your previous posts, I sense an evolution happening with your journal pages. The pages have depth and many layers. Nice.

As far as the tag, I think it's a piece of wrapping paper. ???