Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Journal Prompt - I Am ...

This prompt was so open-ended and my focus has shifted from my journal to working on completing a painting that I started a couple years ago. But I found the regular journaling to be a helpful exercise, so I opened up to a blank page last night and used some of the paint that had accumulated on my palette to fill in the page. After it dried I picked up the first writing instrument I saw which happened to be a black china marker. Why that was on my art table I do not know. I don't even know when I bought it or why. But I liked the bold lines it made. I decided to make abstract tulips. Then I played with the colors on my palette to paint the image in an unexpected scheme. I turned off the narrative that told me what wouldn't work. In the end, it's not my favorite page. But it turned out better than I thought it would at one point. The light wasn't good today, so this image looks pretty drab.
So - I'm not being very open about myself with the prompt "I Am". I like getting prompts for journaling, but they can be difficult to follow when I have my own agenda.

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misty said...

i found it pretty hard to keep to this theme...i kept thinking why did i pick this... and just wanted to journal. sometimes it's nice to have a theme...other times not so much. :-)
i love how you went with what you wanted to do and what was around you! your page is very pretty!!!