Friday, February 20, 2009

GPP Crusade 28: Portion Control Part 4

I've started a new painting this week. No, this isn't THE painting, although it IS a painting. So confusing!
When I don't use a familiar color scheme, I like to play with the paints a bit before I go to the canvas or paper. I had a subject in mind, but I wanted to approach the color a little differently than I have done previously. I went to Nita Leland's "Color Confidence" for some inspiration. Although I didn't strictly follow one of her triads, I did find some direction.
Here are test blots of acrylic paint that have been smeared on the paper with a palette knife. I like to start with a limited palette of three. In this case, I tried two different reds. I settled on the Alizarin Crimson Permanent Hue because of it's transparency vs. the Cad. Red Deep Hue that is more opaque. My blue and "yellow" were both transparent. I've added white to the mix to make tints.
I decided to play along with the Crusade and my circles as I work my painting. Instead of doing color trials just on paper, I chose a canvas board to play on as well. That's what is seen at the top of today's post. I'm not sure if I'll add another layer to it. I was going to post an earlier layer of the process, but I took a really lousy shot. I've got more to show you with my circle play, but I've got to run for now.


michelle ward said...

Oh my - I am swooning over those paint mixings on your page. Bravo for testing color right in your journal! Loving those circles too. Thanks for sharing more of your stuff with the team Regina!

The Junkin' Yaya said...

I'm with the way you played with your colors. And those circles are to die for! great color themes and balance...even though you said you were just playing. Being an abstract artist...I LOVE it...just like it is! xo...deb (the junkin' yaya)

jgr said...

Great circles! I love the texture and your paint color triads make a nice design of their own.
Good work!

Anonymous said...

I want to get Nita's book when our exchange rate improves, and seeing your colour trials makes me all the more determined. Love the colours you came up with.