Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back Home with some Journal Pages

Happy New Year! Last week I finally felt well enough to go spend time with family for a few days. I took some art supplies along so I could play & also make art with my nieces. I took inexpensive watercolor paper that I cut into 4 x 6 postcards and 2.5 x 3.5 ATC's. My thought was that I could stretch the supplies if my nieces went to town with their art. But that didn't happen & as it turned out, I'm thrilled that I had done this. I ended up doing little art pieces that I glued into my journal which is just a Strathmore sketchbook. The watercolor paper gave me more options for the media I chose

I did do some sketching directly into the journal as well as another larger sketch book. This post shows some of my sketches that were done in the last days of December. They were all done with graphite. The scroll work & contemporary portrait were with water soluble graphite. I used a brush marker for background on the scroll work. They both have white gel pen accents.
"Roast beef or chicken Kiev?" was just a quick portrait with graphite direct to sketch book. My faces are usually drawn from my imagination. Sometimes I look at magazine or personal photos.
I got some inspiration from my sister when I did the water soluble graphite portrait at the top of this post, but she was busy making a collage and I couldn't study her face well so it doesn't look like her other than the hair style. I didn't crop the sketchbook out of that image, so you have a better idea of how my watercolor paper cards fit the pages. I can go back and make notes if I want in the free space.

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