Monday, December 29, 2008

Pitt Pen Variation on the Prairie Fire Theme

I've recently been greatly inspired by artist Pam Carriker. I discovered her blog earlier this month. When she wrote about her new Pitt Pens and posted a video demonstration I was curious. I remembered I'd purchased a similar set several months ago thinking they would be useful for value studies, but I had never gone very far with them. More often my art is very spontaneous. That's not a big deal when working on paper that can be cropped to improve a composition. But as I work on stretched canvases, I don't have that "luxury". It's frustrating to realize that once again I've put the focal area of a painting right in the bulls-eye zone of the canvas. Not cool. So - I'm trying to plan better.
Pam's post was timely because the technique is very quiet and relaxing for me. It was mental therapy for me while I rested my body during my recent illness. I will continue to do this sort of thing in the coming days as my stamina and health improve.
I've been using the Pitt brush markers on Strathmore Bristol smooth that I cut into ATC's. After lightly sketching outline strokes with graphite, I follow through with the Pitt brush pens starting with the lightest shade and progressing to black. I added accents with white charcoal pencil and black gel pen.
Be sure to check out Pam's blog to see her amazing work!
Do you have any forgotten treasures in your art supplies?


linda said...

hi regina, wanted to pop in and thank you for the comment on my post about the samples...the lapis lazuli is amazing paint and I recommend you use it if you have it! I must look into the sets, I know they offer some good deals on them sometimes if you buy more than one, sometimes not so much....I was looking at your earrings, they are very pretty! I adore etsy and hope to sell some prints one day if I ever get it figured out how to make some prints that are fine art but reasonably priced!

have a blessed new year and come back have a lovely blog!

PCarriker said...

Hi Regina! Thank your for the shout out sweetie:-) Love what you did with your pens!! It is so relaxing, a break from painting,but stilll being creative-love it! The video is still available through the link on the righthand column-I am planning to do more videos and thought I would just link to them.

Shayla said...

Regina,Thanks for mentioning those pens. I've never heard of them and they sure can do some neat things. You got some lovely textures in your ATC. It turned out great and I enjoyed Carriker's project too.

Sorry you've been sick. Glad to hear you're treating yourself well. I'm planning to do a set of ATC'S too. It's great when low on energy since they're so little!

Steve Emery said...

Regina - Thanks for visiting my blog, and your kind words there. Please do feel free to borrow that phrase "painting the inside of my heart." Looking over your recent posts, I can see why you want to borrow it... I'll be seeing you at CED 2009.

Annica said...

Hi Regina,
Thanks for the comment on my blog! I look forward to following your blog and your work too.
Happy 2009!

Lisa Lorenz said...

Hi Regina, Beautiful work! Thanks for your wishes on my blog and I also wish you a wonderful new year! All the best for 2009, Lisa :)

Wurzerl said...

Dear Regina, I love this flowers! I 'm late but I wish you a Happy New Year!!!
Have a great time Wurzerl

Andrea Rooks said...

Gorgeous and inspiring!

I'm uncovering all kinds of forgotten things (trash and treasures) as I move/rearrange/reorganize mt craft area to give Natalie her own room... Namely, I found a set of Prismacolor colored pencils (they're actually Bret's) that I can't wait to use once the rooms are settled.

I also wanted to let you know that I gave you a blog award -- you can pick it up by visiting my blog...