Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Art Journal Self Portrait 2

Singing is as integral to who I am as much, or maybe more than visual arts and crafts. I have memories through my life that are connected to singing. I remember skipping and singing about the moon as a very young girl. One thing I loved about kindergarten was learning music. We sang "Away in the Manger" at the Christmas program. Much later that song would have a big impact in my life. A "big girl" on the school bus taught me "Silent Night." I cried at the big family Christmas gathering when they kept singing songs I didn't know. My aunt took notice and we sang "Silent Night." Dad got me involved in the church and town choirs. I loved going to practice with him. I have sung in school choirs and honor choirs. My husband & I sang songs to each other at our wedding. The past several years it has been my privilege to sing with our church's praise band. It brings me great joy. I am an OK piano player and that was very therapeutic for me for a number of years. But it became difficult in recent years when I was having tendinitis and carpal tunnel issues. I haven't really played for two years since Dad died. My sister and I would play for him at the nursing home. It seemed to help him connect as Alzheimer's took him away. Lately I've been thinking that I would like to try to play again.

As for this journal page. It's loosely based on a photo of me, but I don't think it looks like me. I sketched with graphite, then drew in the lines with a Pitt sepia pen, colored with watercolor pencils that I lightly washed with water. The journaling is all Pitt sepia. I altered some sheet music with distress inks and glued it into my journal. The watercolor card was glued onto the page.


Lucy said...

Lovely journal page, the portrait is great! You should go back to piano playing if that's something that gave you joy. It would be shame not to...unless it's just to painful for you with your carpal tunnel issues.

Thank you for your advice on the computer issues--you always think of great options and have such wonderful things to say :)

Fannie said...

Beautiful journal page, Regina. It's good to hear about your singing. Good for you! Music heals the heart and soul and brings life to those who hear. Wonderful.

Kelly said...

Great journal page, Regina...I need something to spark me to start an art journal...!