Thursday, January 15, 2009

Art Journal Day 15 - White

My mixed media experience is limited, so I focused on trying different white pens, markers, pencils and pastels today. They were all applied to black cardstock. Then I tore or cut up the samples and glued them into my journal. The last step was to make notes using a black permanent marker.
I already had most of the media, but I picked up the Galaxy markers and the StazOn Ink pad at Hobby Lobby last night. I had hoped to get a Sharpie white marker that so many have raved about, but there were none in stock. I dug through my stash of gel pens and found a milky white pen that had dried up. As I worked, I got more ideas of things to try. But those trials will have to wait for another day.
I think my favorites that I used were the Derwent Chinese White pencil, the General Chalk Pastel Pencil, Jelly Roll Pen, Galaxy Broad Marker, Prismacolor pencil, Col-erase pencil, and NeoColor II.
I also bought the Galaxy medium nib, but it performed quite differently than the broad nib. The medium applied very translucently, almost transparently, and then the white started to appear almost like magic. Well, that made it harder to see what I was drawing. When dry, it was less opaque than the broad nib.Liquid correction fluid pens had a very opaque look once I got it flowing (after much shaking and dabbing on scratch paper.) It was annoying to apply because you have to keep pressure on the barrel while writing. The Pentel brand was the poorer option of the two I tried. It will be interesting to try these media on other surfaces. Do you have a favorite way to apply white to your journaling?

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Tina said...

I love the white samples! I enjoy doing these type of samples and you're collection is especially beautiful.