Sunday, January 18, 2009

Art Journal Day 17 - Yellow

For today's entry, I prepped my pages with gesso and a couple thin layers of Golden Light Molding Paste. It was a better surface for taking watercolor than just gesso. I sketched out the sun & sunflowers with a Derwent chocolate drawing pencil. The painting was all done with Van Gogh watercolors. After it dried, I went back over some of the lines with a Pitt pen, which was also used for the journaling.
I never really considered using yellow in my art very much until after my Grandmother passed away a little over 4 years ago. Not long after her passing, I started working with acrylic more than watercolor because I wanted more texture and more intense colors. I noticed that I was using a lot of yellow. Then my Dad died and the bright colors continued, including yellow. I think it helps elevate my mood. Yesterday, we lost another beloved family member, my husband's aunt. Working on this spread helped me deal with the sadness.Some of you have asked how our winter is. I took this shot yesterday. Our mailbox is nearly buried in snow. The snow isn't that deep all over, but we tend to get the biggest drifts on our block, and hubby has been shoveling A LOT of snow. It's really been piling up.

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PJ said...

Look at all that snow :) I'm so happy to see the 'pink panther' on your pink work ;)I'm so very sorry for your families loss...peace.