Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 8 Art Journal Spread

I had to step away from the face on the self-portrait challenge this week. I really needed to play more. Since I am in love with textures and saturated color, this spread shows an aspect of me - just not some version of my face.

The pages were prepped with grey gesso. The left side was painted with Golden fluid acrylics. The vine was drawn in with a white charcoal pencil before painting it. Then I outlined it with a Pitt pen. More layers of paint were added with a paper towel. The stamping was done with chalk ink pads and foam stamps. A copper gel pen helped the word grow pop.

I placed a ginkgo texture plate under the right page and rubbed yellow, rust & blue Nupastels on the gessoed page. After fixing the pastel, I added Golden acrylic glazes in the same hues used on the left page. Both pages were accented by rubbing on metallic copper Shiva paint stick. Journaling on this page was difficult which I think was because the Shiva was not cured & thus was resisting the markers & pens. (Any tips on journaling over Shiva paint sticks would be appreciated.)
These pages were hard to get a good image because of the reflections on the sheen of the materials I used. I REALLY love the results and this will be a launch for other art.

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