Thursday, January 29, 2009

Art Journal Day 28 - Faith

We woke up to a beautiful day where hoarfrost added a touch of fantasy to our landscape. It is things like that which turn my thoughts to our wondrous Creator and I am touched by joy and gratitude. Earlier this week I was reminded of a favorite quote from a message given by a former pastor at my church. Kip Hamby was speaking of God's kingdom and the parable of the mustard seed. It's easy to feel insignificant and forgotten in our world, but each of us matters. How we live our lives matters.
I took a few quick shots of the trees near our house. Then I just had to play in PS Elements last night. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with that altered image, but I can see it has possibilities.


jgr said...

That tree! I love it! The curly Q branches are so cool, and the birdies and even the roots under the ground. Of course the quote is awesome.
This is one of my favorites!


Kelly said...

really love this journal entry regina. that tree is magical. i love playing around in photoshop too!

PCarriker said...

I love how you turned the scrolls into a tree, marvelous!!!

Anonymous said...

This posting is so wonderful! The plant as it is unfurling leads one to believe this plant is growing as is the Kingdom of God! The birds - it must be that time just before that time in the morning when they begin to let loose their song - for we know they know how to sing Praise! Love it! Chickie

hiddenart said...

I love the journal page and the quote. So true, and the tree captures it so well.