Monday, January 26, 2009

Art Journal Day 26 - Blah Monday

Misty Mawn has prompted us to express our emotions and thoughts with attention to color, images, etc.
One thing this month of journaling has made me realize is that I tend to be reserved in how much of myself I am comfortable revealing with my art. You can imagine that this assignment didn't excite me very much. But I'm planning on seeing this journey through to the end of the month.

I've been feeling "blah" all day. I spent a couple hours at the doctors' office this morning. Then it was off to work for the afternoon. Nothing was really that bad. It's just that everything seemed so gray today.

So... to come home this evening with this prompt to express how I felt was not appealing. Making art helps lift me up and I would typically choose happier, brighter colors to take me to a happier & brighter place. Well, I learned something. Even though the thought of working on this didn't excite me very much, I still got some of the lifting of my mood through the act of creating.


Lynn said...

I like this page. It is subdued, but it seems to be honest and from the heart - expressing how you felt. And it did raise your spirits a bit!

Kelly said...

still lovely even though you are feeling blah. :-) hope you feel better soon.