Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January Art Journal Challenge

Misty Mawn put out a challenge to work in our art journals daily through the month of January. Since I already was planning on being more intentional with my own journaling, I decided to join in. I was spending time with family when the month rolled in, but I was prepared with art supplies. Here are some of the pages I've done so far.

On the first, I was inspired by images of hour glass style timers in a magazine layout. I cut one out and glued it to a watercolor wash background. The journaling was done with Pitt sepia markers. I glued the 4 x 6 artwork into a Strathmore sketch book that I describe in my last post.
The next day my sister was baking. My reward for the bit of help I gave her was when she handed me the spoon that she had used to scoop prune filling for the kolaches. Yum! I don't really look like that, but my hair is kind of like that & I was wearing a henley shirt. I have a tendency to make eyes lopsided & I'm working on it. This was done with Pitt sepia & Conte pencils.

These larger drawings were done on the 3rd while playing Balderdash with some of my family. I used graphite drawing directly into my sketchbook.

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