Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pop-tastic Blog Award & A Give-Away

Our talented niece, Andrea, nominated me for this award. You have to check out her blog and Etsy store. It's always a treat to get a card from her.
This is where the award started:
Eat Your Veggies!

In no particular order, I am nominating these creative and imaginative bloggers for the award:

I also want to alert you to a give-away that Jodi is having at her blog "Sweet Repeats." Hurry over there because it ends on January 9th. She has some fantastic magnets. I know they are because I got a couple last summer. One for me & one for a friend.


Femmy said...

thanks Regina!! I am very honored!!

Fannie said...

Thanks, Regina!!! I appreciate you thinking of me.

Have a successful new year in all of your endeavors! I love the new look of your blog. Your website is beautiful, too!

Janvangogh said...

Thanks for the award! BTW, Balderdash is one of my favorite games.

Rita said...

Thanks Regina! :D

I loved your previous post, btw.

Music and singing have always been a big part of my life too. When talking with people about being an artist and creative in general they invariably ask if I can sing. My answer?
"Yes, but I probably shouldn't." ;)

Chris said...

Thanks Regina! Love your self-portrait.