Saturday, January 31, 2009

Art Journal Day 30 - Bubbling

Most of the day Friday I just had a general sense of contentment. There wasn't much rushing around that had to be done and I've made it clear how I feel about that! I know there are things in my physical world that contribute to feeling like that - sunny skies, beautiful snow-covered landscape, a loving husband and warm home are just a few. But I know that contentment is more than skin deep. I have peace in knowing Jesus Christ as my Savior. When I saw all those circles I'd been painting the previous night, I thought of bubbles. A song that we used to sing in our church many years rose to the surface of my memories:
"It's bubbling, it's bubbling, it's bubbling in my soul;
There's singing and laughing since Jesus made me whole.
Folks don't understand it, nor can I keep it quiet.
It's bubbling, bubbling, bubbling, bubbling, bubbling day and night."

This page started with a sheet of blue card stock that I had used to blot paint off the painting of the previous night (see last post). I used sequin waste and a stencil brush to build layers of circles in shades of blue and some white. Then I used some craft foam circles to stamp more paint onto the surface. These were outlined with a chalk pastel pencil. Writing the verse took the longest. I'm not very proficient with lettering, so I tried several inks and applicators (nibs, brushes) on scrap paper with the same painted surface. Eventually I settled on using a small pointed round brush and thinned India ink. It was hard to get the fluid strokes I was hoping for on this small of a scale.

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