Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Birthday Inspiration - GPP Crusade No. 31

There was a special birthday celebration at our house last week. I created this small painting for my husband.
I started with the same background that I used here, but I added several more layers and more colors. The focal shape was created with a foam stamp and layers of paint. Accents and shadows were created with Stabilo water soluble pencils.
It was fun to get Hubby's reaction to this piece. I chose the stamp because it reminded me of a gear. He's very technical, so I thought it was a good shape that he could relate to. After studying the painting, he told me it reminded him of outer space. This is one thing I enjoy about working abstractly and why I hesitate to name my pieces very specifically. Different people will see different things in the same piece.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Make It Your Own - GPP Crusade No. 31

I'm finally back to painting after a long break due to a full schedule. One of my first projects was to paint this small piece for my brother and his bride. I promised them a larger painting as their wedding gift. Now that I've seen their new home, I have some ideas of what to paint.
I haven't been checking out all my favorite blogs as much as usual either. I think it was good to have this break and start back to painting with less influence in my head from other artists. When I decided to make this little painting, I flipped through my visual journal for inspiration. I could really "make it my own" which is the theme for the current Green Pepper Press Crusade.

I've learned a lot from my fellow crusaders and other artists, and they have influenced my art. Through my visual journal and other art play, I discovered my love for circles and abstraction. I have learned the richness and depth that come from adding many layers. Michelle Ward has generously tutored the GPP Crusaders to take our art to new levels.

"Cherish" is mixed media on watercolor paper. I started by writing a portion of I Corinthians 13. The graphite writing is all concealed under the layers of paint, but it set the mood for the piece. I alternated dry brushing, stenciling, stamping, mono printing, etc. to build the color and depth I was looking for. I used water soluble graphite for accents. Cherish came from a page of scrapbook embellishments. The finished artwork went into a 5 x 5 inch frame.

It was a joy to be playing with paint again. I've been working on small canvases in preparation of the Linn Creek Art Fest next month. I hope to post pics very soon.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ames Art Walk 2009 Sneak Peak

May was a very busy month with special events and special visitors, so I've been away from this blog. Thanks to those who keep checking on me.

Tonight I will join my Tuesday night painting group, Artists of the Heart, to set up our exhibit at Chocolaterie Stam in Ames, Iowa. The annual Art Walk will be held in the downtown shopping district on Friday, June 5th from 5-8 p.m. This is a great venue to hold an open house because the atmosphere is cozy and the treats can't be beat... gelato and European chocolate. ~swoon~

Earlier this week I took paintings to the Swinging Bridge Studio in Story City. The annual Scandinavian Days festival is being held all weekend in Story City. I plan on spending some time at the studio and meeting fellow art-lovers.

The above image is cropped from my mixed media painting "Remember". I'm showing it at Stam. You can read more about it here.

I just finished reading "A Three Dog Life, A Memoir" by Abigail Thomas. Memory is a major theme in this book. Abigail's husband suffered a major brain injury when he was struck by a car one evening while out walking the dog. His skull was crushed and part of his brain was destroyed. He lost his short term memory. You would think this was a depressing read. Yes, there were aspects that were extremely sad, but Abigail does not wallow in sorrow. She is a woman of courage, loyalty and strength. The book stimulated a lot of thought for me.
I thought of the journey my Mom took with Dad as he was taken away gradually by Alzheimer's Disease. I wonder what lies in the future for my family. Where will AD show up again?
I am so grateful for the hope I find in Scripture. When fears nip at my heals, I remember Who will never forget me and find my comfort in Him.