Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Iowa Blizzard December 2009

You may have been following the current blizzard on the Weather Channel, but there is nothing like living through it... the sound of the wind howling, the furnace running more frequently to keep the house warm. I'm wearing wool socks with warm shoes and have cuddle duds on under my jeans. Our house is pretty tight with the new windows and siding we installed in 2008. But it's still chilly. Could it be because almost all I can see when I look out the windows is white? I'm staying in today and hopefully there will be a Christmas letter done before the day ends. What would you do with a snow day?


Anonymous said...

What a gift the snow has been! Yesterday I penned the addresses of many beloved family and friends on my later-than-usual Christmas cards. Today I began the day by making my kitchen sparkling clean now I am tackling a stack of papers that needed to be filed. Next comes making my family's favorite meal - beef stroganoff. If you can make it here, you are invited to dinner.

Repeat the scene in the pictures at your house and it pretty much looks like that here! Love, Chickie Sis

Fannie said...

Wow! Let it snow!!!!

What would I do with a snow day? Drink hot chocolate, watch Christmas DVDs and play with my fabric.

Happy Holidays. Stay warm.

PJ said...

ahhhh, snow days Love them! (because I also drive a school bus!) Merry Christmas! Love your snow pics!!!!

Sara said...

Can you believe that Tulsa was hit with the same's the first "blizzard" experienced in Oklahoma.

But your home definitely has lots more snow than we received. We'll just have to wait out the melt cycle since we don't have snow removal equipment here!

I am wishing you a wonderful Christmas season and an artful New Year!

Love and hugs,

rachel awes said...

love your colors and hope!

Janvangogh said...

Looks like id did out here in NJ. We had 24 inches.