Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Art Journal Day 14 - Green

I like green. The trouble with green is that there are so many versions of green and today I didn't have the luxury of taking a lot of time deciding which way to go. So I just went with the first green I saw which was some watercolor paint on my table that I hadn't put away. I don't even remember why I had the palette out.
In the end, I'm very glad I chose this springtime yellow-green. Take my word for it, it really is spring green. But once again I'm posting at night when the lighting is not optimal. Even playing with the white balance & photo editing are not letting you see what I see. Where you see some glare on the dragon fly is a reflection off the glossy accent and glitter I added to some of their wing. I put the same glossy accent on the flower centers, but it doesn't really show up well on the photo.
I started by washing the page with watercolor paint. I added a few layers and blotted with wax paper. Next I stamped a large fern frond all over the pages for a subtle background. The dragonflies were stamped next.
It was time to go to the office and I started thinking about green thumbs. My sister has the greenest thumb I know. She shared divisions of so many beautiful perennials with me several years ago. They have multiplied and I've enlarged my garden, added new beds, shared divisions... you get the picture. My sister is a nurse and one of her patients dubbed her "Daisy". After work, I colored and stamped a sheet of green card stock to give some variations of green. Then I used daisy punches to make all the green flowers. There are three sizes and I stacked them or used them singly.
Today I used a Sharpie marker to do the journaling. I found out that my gel pens are very sensitive to moisture when I use them on this water colored surface.
I'm excited about what I'm learning on this journey. Today I was inspired to start another journal, but that is a subject for another post.
By the way, if you've wondered about the little clothes pins that are showing up on some of my journal page images, here's the scoop. The edges of some of the pages want to curl & I'm just using the clothes pins to keep the page flat for the photograph. Once I close the book and let it sit, the pages have been flattening out.
If you haven't been there yet, be sure to check out Misty's page. I'm so glad she put out this journaling challenge.

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your green pages are also awsome!