Saturday, January 29, 2011

January Art Journaling - GPP Crusade 47 & Strathmore Workshop

Detail view of new art journal page.
Here's a fun winter project you should try.  Strathmore is offering free on-line workshops.  The first was introduced earlier this month and is taught by Pam Carriker.  Check out this link for more information.

Early in the journaling process.
 Pam guides us through a project that invites you to re-use previously created art.  Start by making copies of your art.  I used copies of monoprints that I created for the GPP Crusade No. 39.I cut out the plain butterflies and some border pieces.  Using scraps of the same paper, I punched out flowers and leaves and hearts.  They were adhered to a Strathmore Watercolor Paper Visual Journal. This paper stands up well to all the layers that went into creating this page.  I used a charcoal pencil to draw some details and outline some elements.

Layers of gesso and oil pastel have been added.
 I tried to cut loose and not judge too much.  But I have to admit that I was feeling discouraged at this point.  Seemed like I had an ugly duckling in my hands... but we know how that story turned out.

The completed page.
 Maybe it's not a beautiful swan, but I'm happy with the results.  I was stretched and learned some techniques that I know I can use in future art.  The following page used some of the same techniques.
GPP challenge using some newly learned techniques.
 The Green Pepper Press Street Team Crusade No. 47 - It's A Wrap challenges us to create an evidence page using gift wrap from Christmas and to journal about gifts given, received, etc.  We use very little gift wrap these days.  I love reusable gift bags and tissue paper.

This page started in the same Strathmore journal.  I wrinkled a piece of tissue paper that had red and green circles, then applied it to the page with matte medium.  I purposefully did not completely flatten the paper which left wrinkles and distorted the circle pattern.  I cut out the poinsettia from a scrap of paper that managed to come home with us from the in-laws.  (They are great about recycling regular gift wrap.)
The poinsettia was also applied with matte medium.

I knocked down the white background and neutralized the colors a bit with some walnut ink and a thin glaze of green oxide paint.  Charcoal pencils, gesso and oil pastels add more character to the page.  But the real star of this page is my new Sharpie poster paint markers.  They were on my Christmas wish list along with Sharpie pens.  I got Sharpies in spades.  In addition to my requests, I also received a large assortment of regular Sharpie markers with fine points.  I have NO excuse for not journaling.
I very loosely wrote over the top of the images.  I'm trying to not make the pictures so precious. Using a wet, juicy marker helped accomplish that goal.

So there you go.  That's my art out-put for the month.  I hope to spend some time at my easel very soon.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Creative Play at Kil'n Time

Have you ever gone to a shop where you can paint your own pottery?  I went to Kil'n Time in Ames with some church friends on Monday.  It was a cold and icy night... just perfect for sitting around a table with friends.

There's definitely a learning curve to working with this paint/glaze.  It dries much lighter than it will look after it's fired in the kiln.  You have to paint several layers to get a uniform color.  Then there are all the specialty applications....  It was a good exercise in just PLAY for me.

I chose a tile to do one of my doodle birds on.  You can write on the tile with a Sharpie or other pens and pencils.  The marks will burn off in the kiln.  I drew a quick sketch of my design with the Sharpie and then went from there.

I was running out of time when I got to the mug.  There's a special paint that has flecks in it.  Borrowing from my usual journal painting, I used up the paint on my palette to base coat the mug.  Then I added a couple layers of the flecked paint.

We left our creations at the studio and picked them up a few days later after they had been fired in the kiln and had a clear glaze coat added before another firing.

I think one of my favorite things about the evening is when one of the women who does not consider herself to be creative commented on how relaxing it was to be painting.  YES!  Often people deprive themselves of creative processes because they do not consider themselves to be creative.  My opinion is that since we are made in the image of our Creator, we have the need to create.  Create without judging ourselves.  Just do it.

I've been very creative this month.  Most of it has nothing to do with painting.  I'm learning a new eating lifestyle with the goal of improving my health.  In the process I'm taking the information and creating new recipes.  Breaking old habits takes work and creativity to make the process fun instead of a drudge. 

So on to the creative life....

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 1-1-11

It's the beginning of a new decade. I'm looking forward to living this life the Lord has blessed me with.

This past February, Hubby gave me a smart phone.  It's an HTC Eris.  In the world of technology, it was a grandfather in a matter of weeks.  It's not the fastest and smartest of it's kind.  But it still is a giant step up from my previous phone.
One of my favorite activities on the phone is to take photos and alter them with an inexpensive app called PicSay Pro.  There's a free version, but for a couple bucks you get SO much more.

Today's post started as an image of an ATC I created last year.  The ATC is mainly turquoise and shimmery silver tones.  The clock face, a scrap booking accent, is actually black.
Using PicSay Pro, I altered the image in just a few minutes.  The text was added and voila! I had a message to send out to family via texting, FaceBook, email...and now my blog.

Thank you for being faithful followers of my blog.