Friday, January 16, 2009

Art Journal Day 16 - Red

Red is a strong, powerful color and I didn't think I could go with the wash of feature color on the background to start a page. As I was laying in the neutral background of gesso with some smears of brown Nupastel, I saw the uplifted face of a woman. I thought of a torch singer. So that's where this page started. I imagined a woman who is coming into her own and she is wearing red. She is strong and isn't going to hide in the shadows anymore. Hubby thought she looked athletic. I could imagine a diver who is preparing to take the dive of her life.
She is worked in Caran d'Ache NeoColor II - watersoluble crayons. They were a bit challenging on this surface, but I like the variety of ways to treat them. The background was colored on directly, then I burnished it with a fitch scrubber and finally a flat color shaper.


Anonymous said...

And she looks beautiful, radiant, the impression that she doesn't want to hide anymore is really there ! Congratulations !
And thank you for your kind message, I am so happy that we have met !

Leah said...

I find faces in backgrounds a lot and use that as the starting point for a lot of pieces. Your red woman seems very strong and powerful!