Monday, January 26, 2009

Art Journal Day 25 - Circles

The art journal assignment was to choose a shape and play with it. Time and energy were very limited, so I kept this page simple. I took a magazine page and cut circles with a punch. These were glued to black card stock. Then I embellished with a white galaxy marker that fizzled out, so I came back with a white china marker. Not enough pizazz, so I used a gold metallic paint marker and a template to draw circles on top of the collage. I purposely let some of the paint puddle for interest. Next I punched black circles and punched smaller holes in the circles. These were glued onto the page.
I punched a row of holes on one end of the page and put more of the magazine page behind them. The last step was to add more gold paint. When I mounted this into my journal, I decided to add a title which was stamped and embossed on a strip of card stock.
This isn't my favorite exercise, but I enjoyed the process.


Deb said...

Regina - I love what you are doing in your art is so inspirational.

I just had a peek at your website & love all of your fabulous jewelry.
You sure must be better organized than I am - it's all I can do to make the beads & get them listed.

Anonymous said...

Another wonderful page! i am loving seeing what you create...yes, as Deb says, it is so inspirational.
hope you are having a beautiful day.

jgr said...

I like your circles! The black, white and gold are stunning. I like your technique of punching out magazines, I may have to try that sometime. Thanks for sharing.


michelle ward said...

regina! you should enter this for crusade no. 27 on my street team. love these circles!!

Anonymous said...

I really liked hearing about your process, and the steps you took to create the page. Thanks.

Kathleen said...

Great layering effect you've achieved! The gold/black combo is lovely. Thanks for showing.