Saturday, July 25, 2009

Card Party Charm Bracelet & News

As promised, I added a few items to my Etsy store today. I will be adding more this coming week.

I also promised to make an announcement this week. Thanks for your reminders in the comments some of you left. I almost forgot my promise. My mind has been elsewhere this week. We said our final goodbye to a very dear friend who has gone on to Heaven. Our thoughts have been with her family.

So - what was I holding back on? A couple of things -

1. My painting "Golden Harvest" will be displayed at the Iowa State Fair in the Fine Arts competition. I am THRILLED! We are looking into making prints.

2. I am closing in on my 200th blog post and the 2nd anniversary of this blog. Keep your eyes on this blog for give aways in the upcoming days/weeks. I added a follower button that you can see on the right hand column. Have you signed up yet?

1 comment:

Rosie said...

I really like your jewellery and am not surprised that you sold many items at the Fair. What a beautiful setting you had!
Do have a bash at making your own stamps - your sunflower would look marvellous as a "rustic" stamp... and con grats on being exhibited - feels great, doesn't it? =)