Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Exhibition 36

Susan Tuttle's new mixed media book, Exhibition 36, just became available. I've been following Susan's blog for quite a while and I'm drawn to her gentle, emotional images. In addition, I've been especially interested in the book because one of the artists she features is my talented friend Brandie from Little Pieces of Art. I checked out the local bookstore, but they didn't have any copies (even though their computer said it was "likely in stock"), so I checked it out on Amazon. Did you know that you can see actual pages of some books on Amazon? Well, it was quite thrilling to see Brandie's pages had been selected for their teaser.
So, now I just have to get my own copy.
I'll be getting it one way or the other. Maybe I'll be the winner of a give-away that Susan is holding on her blog, Ilka's Attic. Go check it out.

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