Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Abstract ATC

Here's an ATC that I started several months ago. As I've mentioned before, I use up acrylic paint left on my palette by applying it to canvas or paper. Most often I use ATC sized paper. I don't remember how I applied the paint to this paper, but it must have been with a broad palette knife or some other flat object. The paint was fairly viscous, so it left pull marks. I love the serendipity of this process. I thought the texture that was left in the paint was very interesting. It made me think of leafless trees.

I set it aside and have considered it from time to time. I thought about collaging a word or phrase on it, but rejected that because I didn't want to cover up the texture. It needed more color contrast to make the texture more apparent. I used pastel & colored pencils and distress ink to accomplish that & now consider it complete.

My husband sees grasses. What do you see?


misty Mawn said...

beautiful texture... i like thinking of it as a leafless tree... i see a tree of some kind, it's rich and earthy.

Anonymous said...

I love this! When I looked at this ATC I saw wheat plants - some with the grains missing. This lead my mind to think of the passage in the Gospel of Matthew where the disciples are plucking grains and eating while walking through a wheat field with Jesus.