Tuesday, April 20, 2010

GPP Crusade No. 39: Pulling Prints

Today I decided to prepare a spread in my GPP journal in anticipation of creating monoprints for this crusade. I ended up making my first print for the challenge. Go to the link to read more about pulling prints.
This post features a variation on the technique that Michelle Ward describes.
I decided to create a journal featuring GPP crusades this year. I used Fabriano cold pressed watercolor paper which is very textured and will make a sturdy journal when I bind it.

But back to the monoprint. Instead of putting paint on a hard surface, I used a palette knife to smear the paint around one half of my journal spread. Then I folded the spread in half so the "clean" side would press against the wet paint. I used a cloth to rub on the paper and press the pages together.

The next step was to lay three plastic canvas circles on the painted half after giving the page a light misting of water. I folded the pages together again and rubbed the paper firmly. I was very pleased with the results. My original intention was to use this as a background that I would adhere pulled prints on. I don't want to cover up all this delicious color and texture. Plan B will be executed when I have a bit of time... Enjoy these lovely close-ups from my spread.

Only Liquitex acrylic paint colors were used: Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Red Light, Acra Gold Deep & maybe a bit of Titanium White.
Paint applied thinly on the textured surface creates wonderful abstract designs.
You can see the mark the plastic canvas circle formed when I pressed the wet layers of paint and paper together.
More yumminess!


michelle ward said...

First, let me say how cool it is to learn you have a GPP journal! Love that! Second, love that you printed one page onto another. Super cool idea. That close-up of the pattern is wonderful. I am like you - sometimes intending to make a background for an application over top, and the result is just too good to get covered up. That is one of the purposed of journals - to document our learning process. Thanks for sharing your work with the team!!

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Beautiful. I have been painting more paper for mixed media projects and often times "destroying the paper" for the other projects hurts! Literally hurts my gentle spirit!


(I am from Creative Every Day, too, nice to "meet" you)...

See my most recent Creative Every Day post here.

Mona said...

I like to idea of having a technique journal. I should give it a try - my stuff is all over the place. I like strong colors and thick patterns - I can almost touch your page. Very nice.