Friday, April 30, 2010

All NorahS Art - Face 2

Face 2
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This winter I signed up for an on-line workshop taught by Sharon Tomlinson. I've been playing with drawing faces for a while now and have wanted to learn how to paint them better.
This is a work in progress. It's amazing how many things I see in the photo that I didn't notice before ... should I even be posting this?

You can still sign up for this class. Sharon's style is not as tight as mine is and is very charming. So is she!

This is painted on a 4 x 4 canvas that was prepped with old sheet music, paint and an acrylic transfer. The church is from one of my photos taken in Hannover, Germany.

I will add a little more to this before calling it finished. I just wanted to let you know about this wonderful class before more time passed on.


Laura said...

I just loved this class with Sharon, Regina...She is such a good teacher. And look what a grand job you've done with what you've learned! Your face has character and beauty.

I love your flower paintings in previous posts. I've been thinking of trying some. I wonder if they are hard to do? Seems like they are! But yours are so lovely!!

Diane said...

Hi Regina--I just now found your blog--I'll be following!! I took Sharon's class also, and loved it--I learned alot of different techniques along with the face painting. Yours is beautiful--you've captured that soft look that Sharon's faces have. I'll be looking forward to you future posts!

heydave said...

I like the use of the church photo along with the painting. Can you reveal the identity of the person in that?

Regina said...

Thank you!

The face is of no particular person. I did look at a photo of Amy Adams for the face shape. I've been following the guidelines for "typical" eyes, nose & mouth placement. Trying to make a face actually look like someone on purpose... that's one of my next challenges.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

YES! You should be posting this... I enjoy posting my works in progress and am grateful to see everyone else's works in progress. Love what you are doing here, so glad to see what is developing for you...

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