Tuesday, April 20, 2010

GPP Crusade No. 38: Grab a Tissue

I'm late posting for this challenge. There was one thing after the other and I didn't get this post written.
Ironically, the current crusade has us pulling prints. I could combine both crusades because most of my tissue paper was painted by making monoprints!

You can link to the Green Pepper Street Team Crusade to read what Michelle Ward shared about painting on tissue paper. I have kept a stash of tissue paper at my art station for years. I often use it to blot excess painting from a painting. It's perfect for collaging.
While working on painting ideas for Unforgettable Art, I purposefully used paint from my palette to prepare some tissue paper for the crusade. I used a large brush and painted a heart on waxed paper. Then I printed the heart onto tissue paper. Painting on waxed paper and transferring that will make great brush stroke effects.

The following mono prints on tissue paper were made when I was prepping an altered book. I had WAY too much paint on the page, so out came the tissue paper. You can see I was going for one of my favorite motifs, the X & O.
I pulled a 2nd print since there was still so much on the board book spread. Last week I prepped a spread for my GPP Crusade journal. It's made from Fabriano cold pressed watercolor paper. The paint was taken from the left-overs on my palette from Unforgettable Art. Next I applied the printed tissue with matte medium.

How about a hug? .... or a kiss?
I have a small stash of monoprints on tissue paper. Just be sure to work fast since the tissue paper is delicate and will pull apart when wet. Also work on a non-stick surface like waxed paper.
Come back soon and see what I did today getting ready for the current crusade.


jgr said...

Hi Regina,
WOW! These pages are great! I love them all.

michelle ward said...

Regina - thanks for sharing your tissue paper art. How amazing that it ended up being monoprinted like the following crusade. What a great isea to have tissue on hand in the studio to sop up paint. Knowing how difficult tissue is to work with, so delicate, I am very impressed with the prints. LOVE how that first one blends right into the page - and yes, would have been a great PS brush. You know I'm digging those X&Os *wink*

goudenregen said...

Great prints on tissue paper. I am going to use it more, but I find it hard to work with. The brushstrokes are very beautiful. Helen

wanda miller said...

fantastic colors and great ingenutiy...giving all of us wonderful ideas! thanks