Sunday, November 23, 2008

WIP Tribute to Grandma AEDM2008

As for AEDM, I'm posting as often as my energy allows, but I do get some art in every day. It could be the doodles that I put in the margins of my sudoku puzzle book. Most nights I work on a puzzle for a while to help me wind down when I go to bed.

On Thursday I took two paintings to Chocolaterie Stam for the Holiday open house and art walk this weekend. Our group, Artists of the Heart, put together a very nice collection of paintings. It was fun catching up with each other and friends who came out to see the show today. I enjoyed gelato & chai. I took pictures, but I'm not happy with my results. I should have had the camera in a different mode.

I've had a canvas painted with grey gesso and a glaze of neutral green for a few months. There really was nothing in mind when I started preparing the canvas. The other day I decided to used up the blue and white paint left on my palette from Winterscape. I "sponged" it on with a piece of mesh from a discarded shower puff. The paint was very juicy and dried with a slightly distressed texture. I still didn't have a project in mind for the canvas, but the next day I knew what the subject would be.

Grandma. I've wanted to do something with a photo taken on her wedding day in October 1930. We had a special relationship, and I miss her very much. She's been gone four years today. I'll tell you more about her in a future post. For now, I leave you with the work in progress.


Brandie said...

Very lovely! You look like her!
I hope to see it as you progress!


Leah said...

what a gorgeous painting, regina and such a beautiful way to remember your grandma!

Femmy said...

this is such a beautiful painting regina!!

Lucy said...

I agree with everyone--this is turning out sooo wonderful. Great way to honor your dear Grandmother.