Thursday, November 6, 2008

Watercolor Pumpkins - AEDM 2008

Next week I'll be co-leading a group making greeting cards. I designed two Autumn cards, and Sonia designed two Christmas cards. Because each woman will make all four cards and time is limited, I'm painting all the stamped images for the kits. I like this coloring book type of painting. It relaxes me.
I tried different inks for stamping the image, but have settled on the Colorbox Chalk Chestnut Roan. The paper is 90# Fabriano cold press. It's a good quality product that works well for this type of thing. It's sturdy, but torn edges are manageable when that look is desired.
I like to use my Van Gogh watercolors for crafting. They are a nice student grade paint. I save my artist grade paints for paintings.
Later, I'll show the other card we'll be making.


Vicki Holdwick said...

Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog.

Also a big thank you for the tip about the Sharpies and circle template.

Nice images on your blog.

Lucy said...

Your cards are as cute as can be! Have fun teaching your class!