Thursday, November 15, 2007

Open House Eve

I've been putting in long days getting ready for the open house that starts tomorrow. Kimberly asked me to bring in some paintings, so now there's a mini gallery of my paintings on one wall.
We have the display tables ready to lay out the jewelry in the morning. If you are in the Ames area, be sure to stop in and say hello.
TV commercial update for Prairie Fibers Co.
I saw it at 9:30 this morning during Martha Stewart. (It's a local commercial for the Ames/Des Moines market on channel 5). I'm shown knitting in the middle of the commercial - but don't blink or you will miss me! They really got a lot of product in 30 seconds.
By the way, Rosy Gardens, the bracelet pictured above, is available to buy. Email me if you are interested. It hasn't made it to my Etsy store yet.

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TanyaMcGuire said...

Regina this is very pretty. Looks very delicate yet festive. Have to go look at your Etsy store now did not realiae you had one. Silly me.