Thursday, November 8, 2007

November Roses, An Ode to Perserverence

I love these roses. They have been blooming since May. When I saw the clusters of new buds a few weeks ago, I doubted we would get to enjoy the blooms. The combination of a mild October and a hearty plant gifted us with blooms into November. What is surprising is that I took these photos today after several nights with below freezing temperatures. Sure, there are dark edges, but aren't they beautiful?
I'm closing in on my 50th birthday. I hope I'm as beautiful on the verge of my winter.

I'm thankful to God, our Father and Creator, to put such beauty and inspiration in our world. I'm thankful for my sister Nancy, whose love and knowledge of plants guided us to buy this rose several years ago during our sister weekend. (It's been too long since we've gone plant hunting.)

It took several years for this plant to come into its glory. After a flush of first blooms, the leaves would gradually drop over the summer. In the fall, it showed signs of improvement. This cycle repeated for several years. Last year I considered moving it to a less prominent spot on our property, but I changed my mind after a glorious growing season of blooms after blooms. It repeated its performance this year. No new special care was done. I think it has become established.

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