Tuesday, March 31, 2009

GPP Crusade No. 29 Brushstrokes: Take 5

A recent post published by Brandie at Little Pieces of Art inspired me to make my own "paste paper". Please check out her gorgeous artwork and instructions here. This is not the typical method that I've read about in the past. I just mixed acrylic paint into light acrylic molding paste. Then I lay textured objects under paper, spread the paste and voila! These samples were done in a journal I'm building on the theme of "Hope".
I will be adding to these pages and will post the results after completion.


michelle ward said...

Regina - thanks for sharing your scraping effects. I love to do that over stencils. That top one is especially nice.

Fannie said...

Regina, thanks for sharing your explorations!

LaY hOoN said...

Whoa ! I love how you explore the brush effect with different type of tools .
Thanks for sharing.

Apple said...

Great texture!!!