Monday, March 23, 2009

GPP Crusade No. 29, Brush Effects Take 2

This is an update to this post.

If you are not familiar with the Green Pepper Press Crusades, this post shows just a bit of my participation in this month's challenge. It was done a couple weeks ago. In the previous post, I showed the purple circles right after I added them to the rice paper. I was inspired by other participants to use a chip brush. Then I added a twist by brushing the diluted paint onto wax paper. I took the painted waxed paper and laid it onto the painted rice paper. I would never have made the same type of brush marks on the rice paper if I had worked directly.
I hope to carve out a bit of time this week to update you on the other brush exercises I did in early March. The past couple of weeks I've spent a lot of time cutting mat, mounting and framing artwork. The group I paint with hung a show at the Somerset Gallery in Ames this past week. I delivered new works to Swinging Bridge Studio in Story City on Friday. I hope to complete at least one more work for my solo exhibit that will be held during May at the Sanford Museum in Cherokee, Iowa.
As for my very last post. Nothing new to report on that project. I hope to get some painting done this week!


michelle ward said...

Regina - great idea of using wax paper for a monoprint! Thanks for sharing that with the team. Congrats on the show!

M said...

I like this - like really really like this. I am going to try it! Thanks for sharing the idea. Marlynn PS - more congrats on your show!

Leah said...

OO, I really like the look of the one transferred from waxed paper to rice paper. I may have to give that a try!

jgr said...

Yes, you have been busy! I love the idea of wax paper to monoprint with! Thank you for sharing such cool techniques!


createitcottage said...

What a great technique! thanks for sharing!

Kathy McCreedy said...

Thank you SO much for making such a cool post of your technique... it really turned out well. Thanks for sharing!