Tuesday, March 31, 2009

WIP 8 x 24 Landscape

This painting has not gone the way I envisioned it almost from the start. I thought I had a clear vision for what I want to produce, but there seems to have been some type of disconnect.
I'm leaving this open to your comments. I'm feeling a bit blind right now and some fresh eyes on the piece might help. Thanks!


Shayla said...

Regina, I really love it. That's typical though for the idea in our hearts to not match what comes out on the canvas. Do you need a break from it? Maybe in a week you'll come back to it, see it with fresh eyes, and really enjoy it... or be off and running with a new idea.

Sue B said...

I think it's beautiful but as the previous commenter said - walk away from it and come back to it if you're not sure about it.

Catherine said...

Hello Regina !

It's a nice start.
I think that you could work by glazes.
You could add a first layer just upon the horizon, to add more light and depth to the painting : use a light blue, near white, and apply it just a the base of the sky to produce a graded sky, from nearly white near the horizon to blue (at the top of the painting).
Add more light to the background too (always working with glazes, with Naples yellow and Zinc White).
Be careful : always use Zinc White while working with glazes and avoid Titanium White.
And finally, you can add details to the foreground with darker colors.

I hope these advices will help !

Leah said...

I think it looks lovely, Regina. It makes me think of a misty morning in a field. It feels dream-like!

Jessica said...

I love it! I know that it didn't turn out exactly like you were envisioning. That happens to me too sometimes. Fresh eyes are exactly what you need. Look at it again a few days or so. By the way, you've inspired me to start blogging - mainly so I can have accountability and mutual encouragement!

Regina said...

I love you, my friends! You have provided much encouragement and a nudge towards gaining better perspective on this.

Janvangogh said...

Catherine had some good advice. Up close it is a bit hard to distinguish what is going on. But the further away, it starts to take on definition. Can you take it into photoshop and play around with it some?

Love the colors.