Thursday, May 22, 2008

Illustration Friday - Wide

It's been a very busy month with not enough energy left to keep up with blogging. But a bit of serendipity has worked to give me art to submit for IF this week. I've been working on a couple paintings. I audition some of my color schemes on ATC's. That's what you see in this post. This acrylic on paper.
Now just how does this fit the theme "wide"?
After I added the calligraphic marks on these cards, I realized they resembled the form of a woman's torso. Then I had to smile at a memory. Years ago hubby & I were visiting his sister & her hubby. We played Pictionary, women vs. men. During one round, both teams had to draw and guess. The word was "wide". Oh boy, what to draw. I drew lines similar to those on my ATC's. I drew a horizontal line with arrows across the area that would represent the hips. My sister-in-law quickly understood and shouted out, "Wide!" The men were stupefied. How did we get that so fast? My hubby was attempting to draw something that would represent a truck with a wide load. It was much too complicated for the competition.

I got a bit of good news today. One of my colored pencil drawings has been accepted in the Octagon Art Center's Community of Artists Show. You can see it here.

Other good news from this month is that I've been accepted as an exhibitor at the Central Iowa Art Association's Art Fair on July 20th. I'll share more details later.


Leah said...

serendipity seems to be everywhere!!

congrats on your artwork getting into the show!!!

hiddenart said...

Okay, I love that story. Hilarious.

I want to thank you for the wisdom you have shared on my blog. I love your comments. I learn so much. :)

Congrats on both bits of good news. How exciting. I hope to be there one day.

Wurzerl said...

Hello Regina,
my congrats to your both good news!
I hope to hear more of it because I like your way of painting very much!
Have a great week

Lucy said...

So much good news for you :) Congratulations!! Good things happen to good people, I'm glad it's your turn to reap the benefits of your hard work and talent.