Thursday, May 8, 2008

Illustration Friday - Seed

I put this ATC together quickly so I could make the IF deadline. I've actually had sketches and ideas jotted down since January with this quote.
I used an HB pencil to write the quote on 185# paper. Glazes of green gold, cobalt turquoise and turquoise deep were added as well as the clip art of the mustard plant. Mustard seeds were pressed into a layer of soft gel medium. More layers of glaze were added.

In January I heard a sermon called "God's Quiet Kingdom" by Kip Hamby. He based the message on Matthew 13:31-35 . The Kingdom of God is compared to a tiny mustard seed that grows into a large plant. I found inspiration in this statement: "It is God's good and mysterious way to use that which is small and hidden and quiet." There is much to contemplate in that statement.
So, prompted by the Illustration Friday topic Seed, this is my first version - quickly rendered as an ATC. I'd like to do a more developed painting in the future.


jcdillustration said...

The colors are very calming. Lovely!

Fannie said...

Very nice, Regina! I like the way you used the mustard seeds. Bravo!