Saturday, December 1, 2007

Travel - A time to refresh, renew & be inspired.

Hubby & I will travel by Amtrack from Iowa to Salt Lake City to pick up a vehicle for his job, so technically it's a business trip. But I know this will be a great time for us. We love traveling together, being on the road away from everything in our everyday lives, time to talk, time to spend in companionable silence as we take in our surroundings.

What's difficult for me is I MUST have something to keep my hands busy, and I have a hard time limiting myself when I pack. But the reality of having arthritis is I can't overload myself. I'll be loading a backpack with a sketchbook, drawing supplies & watercolor pencils. I'm also taking some knitting along. Last, I need to select a book in addition to my Bible.

Last year we flew to Phoenix and drove a vehicle back to Iowa. The first picture is from that road trip somewhere north of Phoenix.

The second shot is from a trip I was on to Colorado with family last January. We stayed north of Winter Park. I took this shot from the condo. Our travels will take us very near this spot on Monday. I'll post from the road if I can. TTFN

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