Thursday, December 13, 2007

Scenic Travel through Utah on US 6

We arrived in Salt Lake City and got off Amtrak near 2 a.m. After a short taxi ride to an unfriendly motel, we got a few hours of much needed sleep having spent nearly 27 hours on the train. Hubby took possession of a 1 ton Dodge truck that he would drive home to Iowa via Glenwood Springs, Colorado. The drive was beautiful with the vistas changing at every turn.

I'll let these pictures of part of our Utah route do the talking. Be sure to click on the pictures if you want a closer view.


Joan said...

Welcome home dear Regina!
I am so glad you had a safe journey, and your pictures are breathtakingly beautiful.
You've been missed :)

k baxter packwood said...

I see a "road" series in your future! A thin ribbon disappearing into crystal blue abstracts!

Mercer's Daughter said...

I happened upon your blog via Tricia's and wanted to tell you how beautiful your photos of your trip are, as well as your jewelry! One question: how do you manage so much hand work with arthritis?
Utah look amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Regina Gansen Rooks said...

Arthritis & how I cope- aquatic therapy, meds & an attitude that it won't beat me... although I waver at times. I tend to work in spurts. Also, the high of creating can block out pain while in the midst of a project. Then there is required rest.
Lately, my hands are feeling more sensitive & it IS cold winter weather. Gotta keep warm & keep moving.