Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Business of Art

I came home exhausted tonight close to 9 pm. After a cat nap I've been back at the business of art which is how I spent much of my day.
After labeling and writing an inventory list, I delivered painted totes, fantasy beaded icicles, and more jewelry (one item pictured above) to Swinging Bridge Studio in Story City. They worked on making a really nice display while I was still there. Sorry, no photo! If the weatherman is REALLY wrong, I will go back tomorrow and take pictures. We are supposed to get really nasty winter weather tomorrow.

After my regular pool exercise session, it was time to teach beginning knitting at Prairie Fibers Company. I was really excited about this opportunity. Many years ago I managed a needlework shop where I taught many skills. Knitting was among my favorites. To oversimplify - you are taking 2 sticks and string to make fabric. Wow! 3 years ago I introduced some of my nieces to knitting. I loved seeing them "get" it. So I was looking forward to helping my students get the same satisfaction. My students are a mother and her young daughter, both determined and both left being able to knit. I'm proud of both of them and looking forward to getting together for our next lesson.

I have 2 new listings on Etsy tonight. I hope you will check them out.

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Mama Rooks said...

Beautiful necklace! I love all the jewelry pieces of yours I've collected so far (I have to take a break from wearing any jewelry, though, because Natalie pulls quite hard now -- she actually broke a friend's necklace).

And if I'd known you taught knitting, I might have asked you for a lesson when we were in IA in August (not that there was any time ... ). I love crocheting, but would love to pick up knitting some time. My friend tried to teach me (she's an incredible knitter and teacher) but the learning curve was a little steep -- I ended up just wanting to get better at crocheting. Someday I'll knit! :)