Thursday, October 11, 2007

Windy Day for Nevada Uncorked Show

I'm still trying to get my energy back after last Saturday's show. This was my first outdoor show and it was evident that I wasn't prepared for so much wind. We'll need to plan some different displays for future shows.

Attendence was pretty good considering this was the first year this event was held. Attendees were more interested in sampling the wines that were offered by local Iowa wineries than buying the art. Still, it was good exposure of my business to the locals.

When we were trying to set up, I got very discouraged when I realized I wouldn't be able have my display look the way I had planned. It was great having my husband there to help and encourage me. I was also encouraged by the positive attitude of my neighbor for the day - Brandie Butcher Isely of Little Pieces of Art. I enjoyed sharing art talk with her during the lulls.

One of my painting buddies was a real angel, too. Mari helped by getting decorative weights to help keep lighter items anchored. She helped get the jewelry arranged and brought us bottled water (which I forgot to bring.)

Last thanks go to my sister & nephew who were great helpers when it was time to pack up at the end of the day. They came nearly 100 miles just for the show.

We ended the long day with a great dinner at a local favorite, Hickory Park Restaurant. Brandie & her daughter joined my sis, nephew, hubby & me for a very enjoyable time.

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Brandie said...

Thank you for your wonderful encouragement... and thank you for the sentiments on the post about my stepdad...I will miss him very much...
You too are beautiful inside and out!
I had a great time in Nevada... I hope we do another one together soon!