Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lincoln Highway Artists Studio Tour 2007

What a fun, informative, inspiring and stimulating weekend this has been attending the 4th annual Lincoln Highway Artists Studio Tour. It is held in central Iowa and includes several talented artists along or near this historic route.
Yesterday I went with two great friends, Kandy & Lucky, to State Center and Marshalltown studios and galleries. In State Center, we met several artists displaying their art in businesses located in early 20th century buildings. One of them is the Watkins Grocery museum, so we had a taste of history as well as art. Our first stop in Marshalltown was the Community College where we were delighted to find an exhibition of naturally dyed silk fabric art works. The Fisher Community Center in Marshalltown is a gem with its wonderful Impressionist collection. Another treasure was a gallery shop, The Perfect Setting. Several artists were demonstrating their work. The staff and artists were delightful. I was wearing jewelry featuring lampwork by my friend Tera of Beady Girl Beads. The staff really loved her beads. We got a tip from them for a good Mexican restaurant just down the street. It's great to have time to enjoy your friends like that.

By this time, I had to watch the clock because I had a secret mission for the day. Kandy's husband was preparing a SURPRISE birthday party for her and I needed to guide our time to get us back to her home between 4:15 - 4:30. There were several studios left to visit and everyone was acting like we had all the time in the world. So I said a prayer and asked for success getting the surprise pulled off and on time. We stopped at a fun gift store in Nevada. The plan all fell together after that and we made it to the party by 4:20. Kandy was certainly surprised.
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