Friday, October 22, 2010

Art & Jewelry at I Scallon Gallery

Linda Scallon, owner of I Scallon Gallery with one of the famous Ackley dummies.
If you are driving across Iowa on Highway 20, you will see signs that advertise Ackley.  It's just minutes north of the highway.  Ackley made the national news when CBS did a story on the dummies that are found seated on benches up and down Main Street.

Main Street Ackley has plenty of charm.
Be sure to stop in at I Scallon Gallery and  Art Studio.  A variety of artists are represented and I am pleased to say that I am one of them.  I met Linda Scallon, the owner, while exhibiting at the Linn Creek Art Fest this past summer.  She invited me to bring my art and jewelry to her gallery.
Scene from my booth at Linn Creek Art Fest where I met Linda Scallon.
Linda runs a working studio in half of the building where she teaches and creates her own art.  She has a very fun water color technique that involves painting with evergreen branches.  Stop in sometime to meet Linda and see all the art.

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PJ said...

That's awesome...I remember that tv show regard this! Like your 'street' journal art! Good idea to take a Psalm and write that in like that. Love your happy little sunflowers!