Friday, July 23, 2010

It was a hot & breezy day...

I had booth #51 at this year's Linn Creek Art Fest.

With much help from Hubby, Sis & Niece - we set up a display of art & jewelry.

The front table featured small paintings and ACEO cards.

My sister & niece did a great job displaying my jewelry.

The earring rack makes a great display, but we rescued earrings several times when a strong breeze carried a card to the ground.

Drapery hooks held my paintings on our home made display wall.

I sewed new black table covers which premiered at this event.

Hand painted totes and hand bags were hung on chains at two corners of the tent. Hubby made sure the tent was stable by attaching the weights on the corners. There is one partially hidden by the bags.

Once again, World Port was playing during the event. Their music is very enjoyable, yet it does not seem intrusive. That's important when you are listening to the same group all day!

I met some very nice people and will share more in a future post.


Diane said...

I love your display-Your artwork is outstanding! I do these too, and I think sometimes I'd prefer the rain over the wind :)

Janvangogh said...

Hope you did well. Your booth set up was really nice looking.

I know what you mean about bands at art fairs. Did a fair once where the band was young and wanted to "make a statement". It was horrible. They might as well have been on the mike saying "Dont Buy Dont Buy!". Had the same effect.

daisy said...

Your stall looks very inviting. I'm sure I would have bought something with all those gorgeous temptations.

JoAnne Del said...

I really like what you did! Bravo!