Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Birthday Inspiration - GPP Crusade No. 31

There was a special birthday celebration at our house last week. I created this small painting for my husband.
I started with the same background that I used here, but I added several more layers and more colors. The focal shape was created with a foam stamp and layers of paint. Accents and shadows were created with Stabilo water soluble pencils.
It was fun to get Hubby's reaction to this piece. I chose the stamp because it reminded me of a gear. He's very technical, so I thought it was a good shape that he could relate to. After studying the painting, he told me it reminded him of outer space. This is one thing I enjoy about working abstractly and why I hesitate to name my pieces very specifically. Different people will see different things in the same piece.


Wurzerl said...

Hi Regina, I think the most important thing in seeing art is to do it in a different way. For you it can be very interesting to hear about the different opinions, isn 't it?
Happy birthday to your husband und a great time for you both.

michelle ward said...

Very handsome piece for your dashing dude :)

jgr said...

Hi Regina,
So glad to see your work! Very nice job, too I love the 'gear' shape. Happy bday to your dh.


Anonymous said...

makes me wonder if that's what the contents of a bottle sees when it looks up... ;) Can't wait to see you...Chickie Sis