Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Limited Palette Watercolor Landscape Study

A fun challenge with watercolor is to do a painting using only THREE paint colors. Tonight I did a quick study with a triad of earth colors: Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna & Indigo. They make an earthy version of the classic yellow, red, blue triad.

I only used a 3/4 inch flat brush to paint this 6 x 9 inch landscape. It was done quickly & intuitively. The final touch was to scratch lines into the foreground with the pointed end of the brush handle while the paper was still quite damp.

I have been inspired to play with triads by Dory Kanter and Nita Leland. I love their books.

I am teaching another watercolor class at the Swinging Bridge Studio . Check out the link for information on signing up. We will meet on April 15th & 22nd with the option of further sessions. Working with a limited color palette will be included in the class.

Thanks for stopping by.


Brandie said...

BEAUTIFUL painting my friend... I love the colors... It just kind- of absorbs you as you look at it... :)

Brandie :)

Regina said...

Thanks! When I analize it, I see things that I could improve, but I'm very happy with the results & the way I went about making the painting.

Catherine said...

The contrasts are just great ! Watercolor learned me to work with a limited palette and it is now what I do with every subject and every medium ! I think this process is the best way to preserve the harmony of the painting.

Regina said...

Harmony is a primary reason I like this method. Using a limited palette also makes the painting process more relaxing for me because I'm not constantly questioning my color choices, wondering if they will work together.

Rita said...

This is a lovely piece Regina!

I've always admired the skill of folks working with a limited palette and the variety they can accomplish within a piece. I certainly hope you do more of these works to show off!

**Robin** said...

Hi There, I must ahve missed your entry last week its beautiful, and so is the limited palette landscape. I also have that book, its great!!You have a great talent, Robin