Friday, March 28, 2008

Illustration Friday - Pet Peeves

After considering many peeves (and seeing excellent illo's by other IF participants who covered those ideas), I settled on this piece I started last week.
I grabbed a piece of watercolor paper, taped it to my board, and proceeded to wet the paper. Then the hills began to appear. OOOOOO - a pet peeve was there before my eyes. Rippling paper.
NOW - as an experienced painter, I should have paid attention to which paper I selected. This is 90# paper that I usually use for crafty projects. But I wanted to work more traditionally. This paper just isn't cut out for it. Even if I had taken the time to stretch it, it fails in other ways. It doesn't lift well. After a little abuse, the surface starts to deteriorate (I've cropped that out of the image.)
In my last post I told some of the virtues of working with a limited palette. I used a triad of colors suggested by Dory Kanter in her book Art Escapes.
These are Winsor & Newton Permanent Rose, Winsor Lemon & Winsor Blue (Red Shade).
Thanks for stopping by.


Fannie said...

Hi, Regina. Nice piece. I work with only three colors in my silk painting too. But only because it came in a beginner's kit. Working with a limited palette is fun.

Nice submission.

Joan said...

I am ever so sorry for my absence my dear friend!

This piece is beautiful, and yes, 90 weight paper is the pits!!

How about some luscious #300... sigh.
How wonderful!!!


Regina said...

This paper is acceptable for some techniques I use for card making & that's about it!
I hoard my 300# paper - it IS luscious!