Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More Magnolias - Vintage Style

One of the challenges of photographing Magnolias is finding a focal point when the whole tree is bursting out in blooms.  Last week there were just a few buds fully opened and I was able to get this shot by holding the camera above my head.
It's busy shot, but I was able to bring out the foreground blooms with the help of Kim Klassen's texture layers.  I added a couple layers of The Veil to the uncropped image.  Then I chose a selection to crop and add more texture.  Music Lovin' and Lilly were added to this image.  All layers were adjusted with blending modes and varying opacity.  I erased the texture from the focal blooms on all but one layer of The Veil.

The day was overcast, so I needed to adjust the levels before adding the texture layers.  There had been a soft rain earlier that afternoon.  The wet branches reflect the light grey of the sky.

I'm a huge fan of limited color schemes when I paint, and I like that this image has a limited palette.  The bits of green are a sweet bit of complement to the pinks of the magnolias.

I'm submitting this image to Texture Tuesday, the Pink Edition.  I hope you'll go check out the other images here.  You can see my Flickr stream here.


Deborah said...


Mona's Picturesque said...

Pink is my favourite color and I'm so excited to study all these wonderful pink pictures :) Your shot is truly beautiful ♥

Paula said...

Lovely and lucious! I have one of these trees blooming outside my classroom window, and it just fills my heart!

jgr said...

Regina, these are gorgeous!! ALso, thank you for the 'nomination' on Michelle's comment post, I've been away from blogging and I just saw it this morning.