Sunday, January 15, 2012

PS Elements Transformations with Skinny Mini eCourse

After PS Elements
I'm so excited about the Photoshop Elements tips I've been picking up from Kim Klassen.  Kim offers eCourses and texture layers.  The above image was created using techniques I gleaned from Kim's Skinny Mini eCourse. 
Before PS Elements
I used this image of a fall blooming clematis that I shot last fall.  One of Kim's textures was layered two times with a different blending mode applied to each layer.

Enhanced with PS Elements.
This is another "homework" project.  It's amazing what a few tweaks will do for an image.


Kelly Warren said...

Fun stuff, isn't it!? I'm looking forward to Beyond Layers!

Anonymous said...

absolutely beautiful! I especially love what you did to the clematis shot. love, Chickie Sis

Sara said...

Homework never looked so good!