Monday, February 28, 2011

GPP Crusade No. 48 - More Evidence Journaling

Evidence page featuring a symphony concert we attended.
 The February prompt for the GPP Street Team is to create another evidence page in our art journals.  The theme is to come from an event attended last year, so Michelle Ward cleverly named the crusade: "Been There, Done That."  Read more at the GPP blog.

I've just completed half of my spread that you can see above.  Hubby and I attended a very special concert where the Central Iowa Symphony and Fort Dodge Symphony joined together.  Mahler's 1st Symphony was performed during the second half of the concert.  Near the conclusion of the performance, the French horn section is featured.  At the conclusion, the French horn players all stand as their fanfare fills the air.  It was a moving experience that I won't forget.  And it was so meaningful...

Beginning stages of the journal spread.
 A dear friend who had been a French horn player lost her battle with cancer the day before.  Her daughter, who is also a superb musician, was playing the French horn in the first chair position in the concert.

My friend was also an artist. We became good friends at the pool where we both did our workouts.  We quickly learned that we had so much in common.  Working out was more fun when we discussed the latest "Watercolor Artists Magazine" or the projects we were working on.

For this journal spread, I chose aqua and gold acrylic paint and gesso to prep the pages.  Aqua is for the pool and gold for the French horn.  The spiral stamp reminded me of the shape of the horn.

I adhered ephemera from the concert on my page with soft matte gel.  Chalk and oil pastel were added for more color.  I also spritzed the page with walnut ink and wiped off the excess.  Journaling was added with a Sharpie marker.
As for the right hand page, I plan to put a memorial to my friend on it.


michelle ward said...

Regina - what a beautiful post. Love the page, love hearing the history. I'm sorry about your friend....I find it symbolic that the one page is empty. It's a memorial without having to spell it out. Thanks for sharing with the team.

jgr said...

Hi Regina,
I'm so sorry about your friend. Your pages are a lovely tribute!

Sarah said...

It sounds like there are a 101 reasons why this event was calling out to be remembered with a journal entry. I love the symbolism in your colours and shapes. So sorry for the loss of your friend.

Anonymous said...

First, I'm so sorry for the news about your friend. It's always hard to bear. Your tribute is so packed with meaning--the two colors, the shapes, the work you did. I imagined the spritzed walnut ink as tears that got wiped away. Art is such a soul-healing activity. Thanks for showing us this wonderful beginning!

Sara said...

Regina - Thank you for sharing your personal story about your dear friend. I am sorry for your loss. Your journal pages are a beautiful tribute.